Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Vic Seipke Day, Part 1 - Nudes

Vic Seipke was a favorite model of Douglas of Detroit, who took this picture.  He also worked with Clifford Oettinger, Bob Delmonteque (another D of D model who took up photography), AMG, and Spectrum.  Known for his imposing presence and pompadour haircut, he was a favorite in the 1950's physique scene.  So today will be a long overdue Vic Seipke double feature here on the blog.


  1. One of my (many) favourite models from the 1950s . Thanks Jerry .

  2. And one of mine. That big but proportionate physique. His statuesque art model style poses. And clearly totally comfortable posing nude.

    1. That comfort factor cannot be emphasized enough. A model can have all the other necessary factors to be great, but they won't quite get there without it.