Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Boxers, Part 2 - Rocky Graziano Photographed by Stanley Kubrick

Rocky Graziano (1919-1990) was the World Middleweight Champion boxer in the late 1940's.  Today's G-rated photos of Rocky are, to the best of my knowledge, by Stanley Kubrick who later became a world class a film director.  We start with what appears to be a pre-fight medical check.

Here we see several trainers working on Graziano during a fight.

There are several Kubrick photos of Rocky with this rather crusty looking trainer working on him.
This looks like a post-fight session, and is far and away my favorite.

I wish I knew the background on this rather somber expression.

Ritualized weigh-ins became a regular part of the boxing scene in the early 20th Century,
but this might simply be a gym weight check.

Boxers, Part 1 - Assorted Nudes

Wednesday's theme is boxing, starting with a nude series in which I tried to avoid obvious physique models by the usual photographers, with this one being the most likely "miss" on that factor.

I almost used this Thomas Eakins studio photo of James Wright and Charles Brinton Cox in my most recent Eakins set, but now I'm glad I saved it for later.  Note the animal (cat?) skeleton on the table.

According to a French website, this early 20th Century boxer 
is being observed by men of the press at a ceremonial Paris weighing in.

These men look early 20th Century, and while the sharpness leaves something to be desires, 
the overall impression of the photo pleases.

This is Rocky Graziano in the closest thing to an R-rated image of him I could find.
He will be the subject of our entire G-rated series today, and some of those photos are quite sexy.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


It's centerfold day, and I don't have much information on the material.  We'll start with what looks very much like a Jean Ferrero duo, but that's just an educated guess.

Something makes me think this is from an AMG film loop, but the staples are visible.
Perhaps Bob Mizer used a still from the film in his magazine.  Or maybe it wasn't a film?

Rick Miller was the centerfold for a 1968 edition of Galerie Magazine.
(This is the only one of today's photos that I have a good ID on.)

This one is for those of you who like them tall and lanky . . . in more ways than one.
If you look at the map on the wall, you'll see that someone flipped the image at some point.
I want to say this is AMG, but I have no documentation.
Edited to add:  My friend Boz sent a note saying this guy was known as Tall John.

Finishing up with an unfortunately poor scan of an otherwise attractive sextet.

Monday, June 24, 2019

"OK, I'll do it, but don't show my face."

Today I'm featuring some faceless models, most of whom appear to have been photographed by amateurs.  This sleepy guy seems to be saying:
"Aw, geez!  I haven't even finished my coffee, and you want more nekkid pictures."

The underwear over the face could be to conceal the model's identity, or it could have been a device used by the photographer to appeal to fetishists.  So this might be professionally made.

At first I thought that was a beer can across this sailor's face, but on closer inspection, it might be a metal tumbler.  Either way, I'm pretty sure drinking had something to do with getting this made.

There was a type of Polaroid film in use for a decade or so that had those large white margins at the bottom, and this might be one.  Or it might have been photoshopped to look like one.

I would have used a larger version of this one, but the quality was so bad that I went with this.
I think it's pretty safe to consign this one to the "amateur" category.