Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Boating Day

For Tuesday, we'll be examining some men and their boats, some of which are more vintage 
than the men.  This was a submission from an viewer who prefers to be anonymous, 
and I have to say that I find the design of the wooden boat to be quite interesting.



I can't tell what this guy is doing, but the rowboat is a classic.


Lakeside bum

This is for the Bum Brigade, and I'll say it ain't too shabby.



My source called this a mid-20th C. nudist, and the all over tan confirms that.
The boat, however, looks like it was already an antique at that point.



This is supposed to have been made at a Bulgarian Black Sea beach in the early 20th Century.


Monday, September 27, 2021

Douglas of Detroit Bush

Today we look at five unknown Douglas of Detroit models who are heavy in the bush department.  
This guy may also have the biggest grin in the history of physique photography.


Bushy all around

This guy has bushy going on up top and down below.


Over the shoulder

Doug Juleff could make somewhat unconventional poses work, as here.


Winning smile

This Doug Juleff unknown has a great smile.


Unknown rerun

I posted this amazing picture almost three years ago, but I'm repeating it because it is so good, and also because I still have some faint hope of someone recognizing the spectacular model.


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Boxers Double Feature, Part 1 - Models

Our Sunday double feature's subject is boxers, and we'll start off the nude half with the only nude model in the set whom I think I can identify.  I'm pretty sure this is John Manning,
but I don't know who took the rather good photo.



At first glance, I thought this was one of Bob Mizer's outdoor AMG photo sets,
but after looking at my files, I'm not so sure.



The guy at left looks familiar.  Could he be Jim Collette . . . or look like him?


Outdoors in nature

I have another photo of this guy with a bracelet and no boxing gloves,
but I have no information on either.



I think this is a possible Champion . . . as in Champion Studio, not as in title holder.
I say that because those lockers look like some Walter Kundzicz used.


Boxers Double Feature, Part 2 - Boxers in trunks

The second half of our double feature turns to some more conventional boxers.  This is actor Steve Cochran who played a lecherous boxer in "The Kid from Brooklyn."  He looks authentic.



George Chuvalo, a Canadian of Croatian descent, was a major contender for the Heavyweight Championship at one point, having fought and lost in two championship matches.  His other claim to fame was never having been knocked down (never mind knocked out) in his 93 professional bouts, including the one in which he challenged Mohammed Ali for the world title.



Marcel Cerdan (1916-1949) was killed in a plane crash at age 33.  In his regrettably short life, he had a very successful boxing career which included a World Middleweight title.  In the meantime, he managed to join the Allied forces to fight in North Africa and dated Edith Piaf after the war.



This is the well known and handsome Ingemar Johansson.


Unknown, but built well

I found this photo on a usually well curated website with no info.