Saturday, May 28, 2022

Archery Day

Today's theme is archery, and we start with a model going for a Native American look.



In the first of two appearances today, we see Mike Sill by Bruce of LA.


Unknown color

I really feel like I should know who the model in this color photo is, but I don't.



John Farbotnik posed with a bow (and no arrow) for Al Urban.


Charles 1955

Arax of Paris took this photo of Charles Kassapian in 1955.


Something different

I couldn't resist throwing this one in.


Mike again

Here's another shot of Mike Sill from his well known and well done photo shoot with Bruce of LA.


Taking aim

I'm pretty sure this is a model and not a genuine archer.


Thursday, May 26, 2022

Bill Cable Day

Bill Cable was an icon of male nude photography in the 1970s and 80s.
Today we'll take a look at some of his work.



Although Bill Cable did appear in Playgirl, and this sprawling pose is their style,
I don't think it was from that magazine.  Note his print undies on the bed.


Colt Composite

This composite of Colt images shows Mr. Cables off quite well.



Did Levis make hip hugger jeans?  Maybe their some other brand,
but either way, Bill Cable looks good in them.  I think this is by AMG
from the same session as a later photo in today's series.


Busy or Artistic?

At first glance, this Colt photo of Bill Cable seems a bit busy,
but the more I look at it, the more I see the art in it.


Shady spot

Jim French of Colt seems to have found a shady spot behind the house to photograph Bill Cable.


Page 332

Apparently Mr. Cable took a turn at fashion modeling at some point, appearing here on page 332 of somebody's catalog.  And yes, that passed for fashion in the 1970s.



Bill Cable looks quite happy here as he's posing for Bob Mizer of AMG.


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Denny Denfield Day

There's been a recent upsurge in the amount of classic era (1948-1965) physique photos coming onto the online auction market.  Denny Denfield's work is no exception, and I'm featuring some "new" items today, along with some that were already in my collection.  We start with a man and his sword.


Andy I

Andy Kozak posed dramatically against the skyline for this Denfield photo.
It's rather unusual for him to be wearing a posing strap.



A picket fence was the backdrop for this backyard Denfield shot.
The auction was still under way when I downloaded it.


Off the cuff?

This looks like one of those instances where Denny Denfield's cajoling and beer 
didn't manage to get the pants off an impromptu beach model.  Did he carry that 
sword around in his car?  It shows up again and again in all sorts of places.



Norm Tousley looks stunning in this color image that has been in circulation among collectors for decades.  Denny Denfield was one of the first physique photographers to use color often.



Here we have an uncharacteristically demure shot of Larry Carr that went up for auction 
recently.  I might be related to Larry.  We have the same surname and he looks a lot like one 
of my paternal cousins, although he may have used a pseudonym.  I need to research that.
Disclosure:  I clumsily removed a watermark from this photo.


Off day?

The model's sour expression and the lack of Denny Denfield's usual 
technical prowess hit me when I took a close look at this photo.  I suppose the 
tech issue might be a poor scan. It fetched a good price, regardless.


Another recent sale

The Denny Denfield items going on sale in recent months include this studio shot of an oiled model.  Mr. Denfield was best known for his naturalistic outdoor photos, but he did some good indoor work.



That's fitness guru and trainer to the stars Vince Gironda with a sword.
I've tried and failed repeatedly to find full nudes of Mr. G.


Andy II

Here's a Denfield shot of Andy Kozak, this time more typically fully nude.