Saturday, March 6, 2021

Nudists and Boats

Today we have a rare all-color series featuring nudist men and boats.


I wonder if the lettering on the boat spells "Bora Bora."
The younger guy looks like he's over it all.


This guy is on land, but there's a beached sailboat behind him.


I have quite a few photos of this guy,
mainly with a hetero couple.


We close the series with a young man dangling his legs over the bow of a boat.


Friday, March 5, 2021

Calendar Men

By the early 1950s, beefcake photographers and artists were putting out calendars to show 
off their work and make extra money.  Today I'm featuring an assortment of these, starting 
with this photo of Bill Williams taken by Rod Crowther for Fizeek magazine's 1965 number.
  The emphasis in this one is clearly on the man and not what day it might be.


This is the first of two Tom of Finland calendar drawings in today's series.


Bob Delmonteque is said to have been the publisher of this 1955 calendar.
If so, it would be one of the earlier efforts he made beyond modeling, and he wisely 
used photos of himself in about half the months, including June shown here.


This interesting calendar drawing put out by Today's Physique features a guy shampooing in what looks like a sauna or steam room.  He seems to be drawing some interest.  The artist is unknown.


Playgirl didn't name the model for 1975's May photo.


This is the cover to a 1965 calendar put out by Today's Physique magazine.


This is from a 1964 promotional calendar put out by Bob Mizer of AMG to sell his movies.  It is virtually unusable as an actual calendar due to the choppy format of having a picture for every week instead of every month.  It did, however, allow Mizer to promote over 50 vs. 12 of his films.


This is another calendar photo attributed to Tom of Finland, and it features Navy men.
The drawing is indeed vintage, but I should note that Tom's estate is still putting out calendars of his work as I write this.  He died almost 30 years ago, but why not?  It's still great stuff.


In 1956 Lon of New York put out a calendar featuring European men.
So far, all the pages I've been able to find feature British guys as here with Jim Saunders.


Mr. November was a lumberjack in this Etienne drawing 
for a calendar published by an outfit called Mars.


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Australian Men in the 20th Century

Today we look at a cross section of 20th Century nude photos of Australian men.  Percy Grainger was a musician, composer, and arranger who was born in Melbourne, Australia, but eventually settled in the USA (1914) after studying in Germany and London.  Ironically, he left the UK as a World War I draft dodger, but ended up enlisting in the US Army as a bandsman in 1917, becoming a citizen in 1918.  If the date on these nude photos is correct, they were made while he lived in London.


Australian Max Dupain took this artistic photo about 1936.
Photo compliments of Larry K.  Thanks, Larry!


These Australian soldiers were enjoying a swim in Queensland in 1943.


Australian Phil Avalon did an memorable photo shoot for Playgirl in its early days.


This is supposed to be from a mid-1970s Australian nudist magazine.