Thursday, June 20, 2024

Scottish Male Nudes

I've been to Scotland seven times, having deep family roots there.  While doing genealogy research in Edinburgh, one of my consultants suggested that I visit the National Galleries of Scotland.  Although not large by most standards, the place was full of treasures. One thing led to another, and I ended up enjoying the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow as well as the Galleries of the Palace at Holyroodhouse.  Today, I'm posting eleven male nudes by different Scottish artists, starting with two unknowns.  This first one is by an artist from Dundee, and although undated, it looks 20th Century.


Unknown II

This was found in the archives of an Edinburgh art college with no name attached.
The style reminds me of William Etty and the model's hair seems to be of Etty's era.


David Comba Adamson

David Comba Adamson (1859-1926) produced this academic nude around 1880 
and went on the be a well regarded portraitist whose work still sells well at auction.  
Below is his portrait of James Russell, a prosperous Dundee chemist.


William Small Black

I like the pose in this academic work by William Small Black from 1880.
I think I see an Impressionist influence.


George Bathgate

Little is known about George Bathgate other than that he had a short career (1880-1889)
and managed to get this male nude into the Royal Scottish Academy collection.


Hugh Cameron

Exhibiting at the Royal Scottish Academy annually from 1854 to 1918, Hugh Cameron had a remarkably long run of success.  His is best known for rural scenes of Scottish folk life.
The male nude above is from 1909.


Thomas Austen Brown

Thomas Austen Brown painted this while studying at the Royas Scottish Academy.


William Skeoch Cumming

Known  best for his paintings of Scottish military scenes and leaders,
William Skeoch Cumming did this academic piece.


William MacTaggart

Like practically all 19th Century art students, Willian MacTaggart (1835-1910) had to take a turn at doing male nude work.  He did the above at age 18 in 1853.  He is widely regarded these days as one of the foremost landscape painters in Scottish history, having used the Impressionist style.
Here's a photo of Mr. MacTaggart:


Robert Payton Reid

This one is by Robert Payton Reid (1859-1945), and it is so popular that more than one company 
on line is selling poster size reproductions of it.  It is thought to be from very early in his career, 
likely academic.  He went on to become famous for painting flattering portraits
 of dainty ladies and garden scenes with women and girls.  Go figure.


Thomas Wilson

This 1862 painting by Thomas Wilson is deservedly in the Scottish Royal Academy collection.
He went on to become well known for his paintings of fishermen, herring girls, and seascapes.


Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Dave Martin Day

Whenever anyone does a list of the greatest golden era physique photographers, Dave Martin is there.  Today we will look at some of his outdoor work with models whom I believe not to be his iconic college athletes.  I could be wrong about some of theses . . . I've been wrong lots of times.
We star the show with a very happy looking Doug Madison.


Gary Sullivan

We get a nice view of Gary Sullivan standing on a fallen tree trunk.


Ed Siemens

I'm including this posing strap shot of Ed Siemens for two reasons.
It's very good, and Dave Martin used posing straps infrequently.


Gary Lewis

I don't think anyone will confuse this Gary Lewis with the other one 
who is the manufactured rock star son of Jerry Lewis.


Stan Reed and Bob Johnson

Dave Martin very rarely photographed duos, and this picture of Stan Reed and Bob Johnson is 
from one of only two duo photo shoots in my rather large Dave Martin collection.


Ray Harper

While I did stop a moment to puzzle over the admiration of the foliage,
this photo of Ray Harper is really all about the muscles . . .
and the package . . . and that bush.


Paul Revak

The somewhat harsh outdoor lighting actually works in this shot of Paul Revak.


John Julian

In a pose right our of a bodybuilding competition,
John Julian makes an impressive appearance.


Jim Hamilton

When I came across this Dave Martin photo of Jim Hamilton,
I put a note with the file that said SAVE.


Ray Lang

Our last shot in the Dave Martin set is Ray Lang,
a great model with a happy, confident expression.


Tuesday, June 18, 2024

19th Century Day

We're visiting the 19th Century today, and I've tried to arrange the photos roughly 
from the oldest to the youngest.  I have no info on this one, but it looks very early.



Pierre Simart took this one in 1856.


Early days

I removed heavy yellowing from this photo that probably dates from the early days of photography.


Very old

My source knew nothing about this except the obvious fact that it is very old.



Edmond Lebel is supposed to have taken this in 1874.



This one is by Hermann Heid from the 1880s.



This is a "new" photo by Igout that I found in the Galerie au Bonheur collection.



I've seen this one dated as 1890, but it looks earlier to me.



I find this photo by an unknown to be interesting.


Parting shot

We get a literal parting shot in our last 19th C. photo.
It's said to be a selfie from late in the century.