Thursday, February 21, 2019

Camera Men

Today we will take a look at photos of men with cameras, several of which I obtained from nudist magazines.  We start with an impressive guy with a camera that looks a lot 
like the one we used on our high school yearbook.

This guy looks like a veteran newpaper cameraman given the assignment of going to a nudist colony, and I get the feeling he didn't mind one bit.

My lamented friend, Mr. Scumbeast, wittily captioned this one "Long Shot."

This nudist camp photographer seems to have just about all the equipment he can handle.

This young man has a movie camera, and I wish I knew the circumstances 
of the photo because they might have been interesting.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dick Falcon Day, Part 2 - the Bodybuilders

Dick Falcon was best known for his photos of championship bodybuilders, so they are the focus of our G-rated Wednesday lagniappe posts.  We start with the photographer setting up Joe Alonso in a shot he may have taken himself with a timer. Dick looks good here in his 50's, and he lived to be 96!

Billy Lemacks posed for Dick Falcon with his two trophies in 1962.

Based on the similarity of documented Champion Studio photos taken at the Sunshine Beach nudist colony that Dick Falcon partly owned, I'd say this was made there.  Falcon's co-owner, Walter Kundzicz, ran Champion and was said to have been trained by Dick.  
The models are Sven Holm and David Knight, and they also posed for Kundzicz.

I don't know who took this photo of Dick Falcon for the cover of the 
October, 1934 edition of Strength and Health.

An unknown model struck a classic pose for this 1960's Falcon photo.

Although the quality of the scan leaves a lot to be desired, 
this Dick Falcon magazine photo definitely shows off Dom Lodato's physique.

Dick Falcon Day, Part 1 - the Nudes

Dick Falcon (1909-2005) was one of those bodybuilders who was comfortable on either side of the camera.  A self-described sickly child, he took up weight lifting about 1930 and he developed a powerful figure on his small (5'2", 1.58m) frame.  Falcon took up photography in the mid-1930's, and his photos of bodybuilders appeared in magazines, while his male nudes were privately circulated.  Interestingly, Falcon later became part owner of the famous Sunshine Beach nudist (naturist) resort in Florida along with fellow physique photographer Walter Kundzicz of Champion Studio.  So both of today's sets will feature photos of and by Dick Falcon, and we start with this nude self portrait.

Today's Dick Falcon twofer features two unknown models from 1938.

Tom Crabbe posed for this photo frequently attributed to Dick Falcon.

I almost positive that this is another self made shot of Dick Falcon from the same session as today's opening image.  It is not documented as such in most collections, however, while the other is.  In an interesting side note, Falcon was in demand early in his career as an art model
due to his ability to hold unusual positions for long periods of time.

This Dick Falcon photo of an unknown model is dated about 1940 
and reminds me of the work of Al Urban.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

More Mass Nudity

Today we're looking at some guys getting naked in groups, and our first bunch seems 
to have stripped off their clothes willy-nilly in a pasture.

Are these guys rubbing themselves with mud?

There doesn't seem to be enough water (anywhere in sight, anyway) for these fellows to get a swim.  Maybe they're having a wash instead.

You guys in the Bum Brigade might appreciate these men drying off after a swim.

One guy on the right of the picture must be shy because he's the only one covering himself.