Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Spartan of Hollywood, Part 2 - Semi-nudes

Turning to the semi-nude work of Spartan of Hollywood with this
photo of Eric Pederson whom we saw in a derriere shot earlier.

Constantine Hassalevris dabbled in fashion photography at one time,
and it shows in this shot of an unknown model.

Ken Clark is quite impressive in this Spartan photo.  Note the "Constantine" stamp in the lower right corner.  The photographer used  his first name only early in his career.

Like most of his peers Spartan used props from time to time.
The lyre harkens to the photographer's Greek heritage and works strategically.

This model is among my "unknown" group of Spartan photos, 
but he looks familiar.  Anybody know who he is?

Spartan of Hollywood, Part 1 - Nudes

Constantine Hassalevris (1913-1982) was born in the Bronx, New York and initially pursued a successful career in ballet.  A car accident put an end to that, and he took up photography and moved to L.A. where he studied under Fred Kovert founded Spartan of Hollywood in 1947.  Considered one of the great physique era photographers. relatively little of his work remains extant, 
particularly full nudes.  We start today's series with an unknown model.

Eric Pederson is the first of two Nordic blondes in today's Spartan nude series.
Of course, being Hollywood, both the hair color and ethnic designation could be fake.

This is Bob Rome, who posed for Spartan with what looks like a large piece of bamboo.

Unfortunately, I only have two Spartan photos of Jack Harris in my collection.
They leave me only wishing for more.

John Erickson posed for an impressive series of 
photos for Spartan, and this is a favorite.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Muybridge Wrestlers

Eadweard Muybridge did several of his motion studies using wrestling models, and that it the theme for Tuesday.  We start with an image that really shows off some fine musculature.

No, they're not butting heads, but it sort of looks like it.

Did Muybridge call in his male ballet dancer model for this wrestling session?
There seems to be some sort of dancing going on here, and I like it.

The second of today's double panels gives more of an impression of movie frames.

They look like they're sizing each other up, don't they?
Well, I guess that could be a prelude to wrestling . . . or whatever.

Monday, January 20, 2020


Archery is our theme today, and we start with an unknown model by an unknown photographer.

Don Fuller Bill Grant only has the arrows.  Who had the bow?
Edited to add:  As pointed out in the comments by lovernotafighter55 and James IV,
this is Bill Grant.  What a silly mistake!  Thanks, guys.

I have no new information on today's archery twofer.
Edited to add:  James IV says in the comments that this is Monte Hansen (left) and an unknown in a shot from the Wyngate and Bevins film Nine Male Nudists.

Whoever scanned this photo didn't bother to crop out the cheap binder, and neither did I.
I do, however, really like the atavistic look on the model's face.
Edited to add:  This is another Monte Hansen shot according to James IV.