Sunday, September 27, 2020

Most Popular, Part 2 - Best Series and top rated post. . . a Surprise

This Japanese man working in what appears to be a boatyard is the all-time most popular image on this blog, and it is also in the most popular series.  That was a big surprise, and Google Analytics tells me that this wasn't a one-time flash.  Viewers keep going back to this series again and again over time, with three of the photos making the top 12.  I was expecting something like the always commented on hairy, bush, and skinny dipping gangs to head the list, but no.  I am not just surprised, but pleased.


I was quite surprised to find this photo of rural Japanese workers near the top of the all-time rankings.  
I like it a lot myself, but didn't expect so many of you viewers to agree.


These Japanese fishermen on a beach made it into the top 12.
Gotta love the fundoshi. 


Japanese conscripts lined up in the World War II era.


This handsome studio model trailed the others in this group in popularity,
but I still think it's fine photograph.


Most Popular, Part 1 - Posts rated Nos. 2 through 10


Every so often someone asks me to list either my own favorite posts or those of the viewers.
Thanks to Google Analytics, it isn't too hard to come up with a ranking of viewer favorites, so that will be the subject of our Sunday double feature.  In part one, we'll see the individual photos ranked from No. 2 to No. 10.  In part two, well see the No. 1 post and the series it appeared in, which was also top ranked.  Given the number of comments and "likes" that Playgirl models have garnered, it was no surprise to see Vanna White's ill-fated fiance Sam Jones in the No. 2 spot.
Edited to add:  Not Vanna's fiance.  See comments.

At No. 3 in the rankings, this is the top rated of the hundreds and hundreds of classic era physique photos I've posted.  I think his hairiness, unique pose, and a facial expression that left us puzzled combine to make the overall attraction.  And then there's that wrench . . . It's an amazing photo.


Now I post a lot of 1960's nudist photos, but I wasn't expecting this one 
to be the viewers pick of the litter.  It came in at No. 4 overall.


 This still from the AMG move Eight Athletes came in at No. 5, and it's no surprise.  
There's something here for everybody except maybe the chubby chasers.

It seems like everybody liked this unknown model and nobody knew who he is.
He came in at No. 6 on the list of favorites.


It was probably inevitable that something from the low hangers 
category made the top ten, so here we have Art Ulrich at No. 7.


Dick Spero by Bruce of LA rolled in at No. 8.
Sometimes going back to basic good physique is the way to go.


The appearance of this picture at No. 9 pleased me for two reasons.
First, I like it a lot, and second, I borrowed it from a favorite blog:


In one of several surprise appearances in the most popular posts,
this little number from the oddities category just made No. 10.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Physique Models in the Kitchen


Today we'll take a look at some models at "work" in the kitchen.
I think this is Scott Cunningham who usually worked for Bruce of LA.


Albert and the Bum Brigade may find this guy and his frying pan interesting.
Edited to add:  See comments for ID as Jim Lassiter.

 I think this is from a Wyngate and Bevins "nudist" magazine extravaganza. Most of the guys in those publications were pulled from the model pool of the late 60's physique photographers.

This is Hayden Ross from about 1970, and I have no photographer attribution, 
but it sort of reminds me of Western Photography Guild's "At Home" series.


Something tells me that this photo shoot was about the 
total extent of this model's cooking experience.


Friday, September 25, 2020

19th Century Bearded Men, Part 2 - Academic Art with more . . . and less . . . drama.

Changing over to academic drawings for part two, 
starting with a guy who seems to be drawing a sword.


This drawing was labeled "Schyndler Pantaleon - Academie,1874."
At first glance, I thought he was wielding some sort of weapon, 
but now I think he looks like a naked subway strap hanger.

This 1880 derriere drawing is by Calderon,
and the model looks like he is attacking somebody.


OK, this is not high drama, but he has a beautiful beard and body.


Here's another guy hailing a cab.  He must have been a popular model 
because I've seen several other works featuring him.


19th Century Bearded Men, Part 1 - Photographic Studies with Drama

Both halves of today's double feature focus on bearded 19th C. men who show varying amounts of dramatic flair.  We start with the first of two posts I lifted from a great blog called myselfixion that you can see here: 
Heaving at rock at some body, even a fake one, is pretty dramatic, eh?


Someone recently commented that one of my angst-ridden models looked like Theda Bara.
This Heid study will no doubt rank a close second place.


An invisible attacker seems to be causing this model to ward off a blow.


This Igout model looks like he's about to whack somebody with a golf club.


This was Hermann Heid's take on a stance used by Marconi, Igout, and probably others.
After all this time, I haven't figured out what it means, but it looks like he's hailing a taxi.