Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Warrior Sculptures Day

I had a request for some male nude sculpture from Jack D. in Birmingham, Alabama,
so today we'll view some warriors in stone and bronze.  We start with 
Basil (Vasilios) Phalereus' 1955 statue of Leonidas.



A lot of sculptors have done a take on Achilles.  This one is by the 
very appropriately named Charles Alphonse Achille Gumery.



Here we have Bellerophon Fighting the Chimaera from the Austrian Belvedere Gallery as sculpted by Johann Schaller, 1821.  Mr. Schaller went really Classical on the package for this one.



Jason and the Golden Fleece by Thorvaldsen is from 1803.



This is Samson Slaying a Phillistine by 16th C. Flemish Sculptor Jean Boulogne, 
aka Giambologna, who worked for the Medici family in Italy.  From the V&A in London.



These are the Riace Warriors, two 5th Century B.C.E. bronzes found 
in the Mediterranean in 1972 off the coast of Riace Marina, Italy.



Going modern for this spearman from 1959 by Paul Manship.



John Borjesson created Captive Viking in 1878, 
and I believe it can be found in a park in Stockholm.



Othryades the Dying Spartan was made by Johan Tobias Sergel in 1778.



This is Spartacus in the Tuileries Garden by Charles Negre, 19th C.


Monday, September 26, 2022

Models with magazines of a certain type

Today we take a look at some models who posed with girlie magazines.  The classic era 
physique photographers often kept those on hand to, uh, entertain the models.  We start with 
a guy named Chuck Hall photographed in a sailor uniform by Pat Milo.  Oh, and I'm tagging 
all these "reading" despite the fact that none of the models were likely to have had 
any interest in the articles, such as they may have been.



Although LIFE was by no means a girlie magazine,
the Marilyn Monroe cover qualifies for the series.
It seems to have affected the model somewhat.



This one looks amateur.



Bill Wright gives us our only rear view of the day in this photo by Milo.




I think I detect a female form on the magazine 
Richard Sorkorum is looking at in this photo by Domenique.


I can't make out the magazine that Jack Virgil is reading, but Pat Milo, the photographer, 
was known to have kept a good supply of "men's" magazines.



Our model here has the quintessential Playboy to enjoy.



Here we have the ever popular Helmut Riedmeyer with 
what is likely a European cheesecake magazine.


Film Figure

This guy has his girlie mag and a hand towel at the ready.
Something tells me that wasn't a classic journal of the cinema.



Our last model with a girlie magazine is a smug looking 
young man who's dressed everywhere except where it matters most.


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Fig Leaf Popup

Today I'm doing a quick popup series on muscular early 20th C. men in fig leaves.  
We start with F.W. Guerin who was a student of Prof. B.A ;McFadden.



We get some dramatic posing from this well muscled unknown model.


Unknown hailing a cab

The fig leaf on this unknown model looks like it was added after the fact,
leaving me thinking there was a full frontal nude at some point.


Bobby Pandur (sometimes Pandour) was quite a phenomenon in his day.  He was actually a Polish gymnast named Wladyslaw Kurcharczyk who moved to England just as interest in theatrical gymnastics was waning.  So he shifted to being a strongman and took up publishing training aids.  
His greatest financial success was on the American Vaudeville circuit. 


Finishing our fig leaf popup with a 1912 
Russian photo of a model named Yuganson.