Monday, January 25, 2021

Nudists on the Fence

Today we look at some nudists and fences.
This guy has a necklace that looks like one of those pine tree car air fresheners.


He could get splinters doing that.


The nerdy glasses don't quite go with the spiffy surfer 
haircut, but whatever.  He certainly looks happy.


I don't have a clue as to what that metal thing atop the fence is.


This grinning fellow seems to be behind a pipe railing
which I suppose is a fence of a sort.


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Champion Studio - Sports Color

Two things quickly become apparent when one views any number of Walter Kundzicz's photos from 
Champion studio.  First, he used more color than any of his peers at the time.  Second, he was crazy about props, especially sports gear.  So today I am doing a very rare all color 10-piece series, and they will all be Champion "sports" themed.  We start with Brian O'Keefe with a basketball and a cracked mirror.  I don't think he's actually dribbling the ball which is probably just on the floor.


Rock Granger is shown here in his posing strap 
with a lacrosse stick, a rather unusual sports prop.


Roy Could is the first of two models in today's series who posed with football gear in bed.  
Oh, well . . . whatever winds up the customers' clocks.


Buddy Holland is holding the football on his shoulder for some reason.


OK, some of you may not consider a frisbee to be sports gear,
but there are some weights and other stuff in the background.


Here we see Scott Manley centering the football in his jockstrap in a sandy field.


I have enough photos of Joe Canoli in the fake locker room set that Walter Kundzicz 
built to have done this entire series, but I'm saving most of them for later.


Vince Marino got a centerfold spread for his Champion Studio fake locker room pose.
I wonder if he is related to NFL quarterback Dan Marino?


Who takes his helmet and shoulder pads to bed?
Darren Chance when posing for Champion, that's who.


In our last photo of the Champion series, we see Rod Bauer
 practicing his archery from the crouching position.


Saturday, January 23, 2021


Today we take another look at hippies,
starting with this amazing furball.


Here we have two hippies about to have a go at it.  The guy at left looks more like a surfer than a  hippie, but the guy at the right seems more real.  He even looks like he might be stoned.  At least the posters and the bedspread are utterly authentic.  This is one of a five-piece series I lifted from a 1969 soft port magazine.  Oddly, the guy at right was wearing women's nylons in several scenes.


The two guys on the right look more like fashion models than hippies,
but the one on the right at least has authentic accessories.
And the fellow at center looks familiar for some reason.


A hippy being naked in the snow doesn't really surprise me.
The color and technical quality say "amateur 1970s."


The man seated here turns up again and again in my "unattributed" files.
He's built like a lot of early 70s Colt models, but I'm not sure he is one.