Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Half Dressed Dudes

Men getting in and out of their clothes is today's theme.
This guy is changing right on the beach beside this cool car.


Still there?

I think he's checking to see if everything is still there.


Blurry crowd

We can't really see a lot here, but some of you love crowds, so here it is.



I can't tell if this beefy guy is getting into or out of his clothes.


Almost naked

This fellow is almost completely undressed, but he's still clinging to his trousers.
Or is that a towel?



This goofball camper is fully dressed with one critical exception.


Monday, May 17, 2021

Douglas of Detroit Outdoor Work

We're accustomed to seeing great studio photography from Doug Juleff, aka Douglas of Detroit,
but he was capable of some excellent outdoor work as well.  Today we'll look at some, 
starting with this model who came to me labeled "unknown" but looks a bit like Mike Dubel.



Just when I thought I'd seen all the Doug Juleff photos of Bob Delmonteque,
a very generous viewer sent me this one.  Thanks, Tommy!


Mike and Bill

Our only outdoor duo of the day (and one of a very few in my DofD collection)
features Mike Craver and Bill LaBotta.



This Douglas of Detroit photo of an unknown model looks as though it was made in an old quarry.


Another Bob

Finishing the outdoor Douglas of Detroit series with a photo of Bob DeWeese 
that shows  how Doug Juleff could work his magic with light outside the studio.
A certain viewer whose initials are B.D. will no doubt find this one interesting.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Whatever happened to . . . Bob McCune

Not too long ago, I posted a photo of Bob McCune (1921-2002), and somebody asked for more.  Well, watch out what you wish for, because here is what is probably the most extensive "whatever happened to" series I've ever done.  Be sure to read all the captions, folks, because this man led a fascinating life.  When I got done with all the research for this one, all I could say was, "What a hell of a  man!"  I'm starting with my personal favorite photo by an unknown photographer.


School track team

Bob McCune's athletic abilities were first discovered at St. Mary's elementary school in 
Amsterdam, NY, where he was the only member of the school track team.  They sent him to an interscholastic meet where he won four ribbons against much larger schools.  This photo is from the 1939 edition of Amsterdam's Lynch High school.  Bob is on the end second row from the top, and appropriately, at least for our purposes, shirtless and showing some early chest development.



In the winter of 1941-42 several interesting events occurred in Bob McCune's young life.  Most obviously, the USA went to war, and all young men had to register for the draft with this image being Bob's registration card.  It tells us that he was working at General Electric, a critical war industry that might have provided him with a couple of years draft deferment.  At the same time, he was spotted playing hockey in Schenectady and offered a spot on the New York Rangers pro team.  So what job did he choose?  Neither.  He enlisted in the U.S. Navy where he remained until May, 1946.  The Draft Board evidently kept tabs on him and duly recorded his discharge date at the top of the card.



After he got out of the Navy in 1946, Bob McCune moved to the West Coast, first to the Bay Area where he studied a few semesters at Stanford U. on the GI Bill.  He was "discovered" in a San Francisco gym by some unknown advisor and told he should move to LA where the Muscle Beach scene was developing.  That let to competitive bodybuilding and his winning national titles in '47, '48, and '49, the latter being Mr. America.  This photo was made at Muscle Beach by an unknown.

This photo from an unknown competition shows Bob McCune at right 
and a guy named Steve Reeves at left.  I don't know who won.


Pinup pose

The pose is borrowed from World War II pinup girls and a bit cliched,
but Bob Mizer of AMG did a great job on this shot of Bob.


Lighting can be everything

When I first saw this Russ Warner photo of Mr. McCune, I thought, "Oh no, this is one of those that somehow darkened over time."  Then I slowed myself down and took a good long look, finally 
coming to the conclusion that not only was it meant to be this way, but it's quite beautiful.
FWIW, Warner appears to have been the only photographer to get Bob to pose frontally nude.
Perhaps the fact that both were competitive bodybuilders had something to do with it.


By Bruce on the Beach

Bruce of LA attached (quite proudly, I'm sure) his trademark
to this stunning photograph of Bob McCune on the beach.


Not by Warner

You're to be forgiven if you mistake this heavily oiled AMG photo for yet another of that sort by Russ Warner.  The projected cut glass punchbowl patterns in the background are the giveaway. 


Autographed AMG

This autographed photo of Bob McCune was offered 
at a hefty price on eBay and attributed to Bob Mizer/AMG.



As you've probably noticed by now, Bob McCune was photographed in a wide range 
of positions and  from different angles, and he looked good in all of them.
This seated version is by Russ Warner and seems a bit less oiled than others.



I wish I knew who took this amazing photo of Bob McCune reclining on a lawn.
The way he posed him is pretty near perfection to show off his muscles.


Weighty matter

I suspect that this Russ Warner photo of Bob McCune is a "cutout" since a few details seem poorly cut.  I think that's a detached barbell weight disc he's holding, and it just occurred to me that Warner may have cut out the background to avoid having the location of his nude photo shoot identified . . . especially if that happened to be a well known Los Angeles area gym.


Wrestling movie clip

Like quite a few competitive bodybuilders, Bob McCune became a professional wrestler.  He had a successful career between 1950 and 1958.  Oddly, I couldn't find any still photos of him during this period of his life.  We do, however, have this interesting Australian newsreel clip.


Career moves

Rather than kick back at the beach after his pro wrestling career ended in 1958, Bob McCune briefly took up used car sales in Los Angeles.  Tiring of that, he became a salesman for the Encyclopedia Britannica, and won top national sales awards through the 60's into the 70's.


Sports Betting Expert

After his post-wrestling jobs as a used car and encyclopedia salesman, Bob McCune moved to Las Vegas and successfully took up the relatively new profession of legal sports betting.  As best as I can figure, this was around 1980.  I made this composite showing Mr. McCune in his office about 1996 (Atlanta Olympics shirt gave that away) and the rather plain cover of his "how to" book.