Friday, September 20, 2019

I've seen a couple of Harry Bush drawings that seemed to be based on Jim French (COLT) photos.  This may be one, as I seem to remember a French photo shoot of a hunk and a German Shepherd dog.

College Day, Part 1 - Nude Photos

Doing a different twist on the "boy next door" theme today with some guys who could have been college men.  We start with a possible athlete, and I'll be back later with some art on this theme.

Here we have an almost artistic rendering of a young man
who reminds me of a lot of early 70's college guys.

This Champion Studio photo of Scott Manley sort of sums up the theme.

Although this was made on Bob Mizer's AMG roof, it reminds me of all the 
college boys I knew who were obsessed with developing physical prowess.

That poster on the wall of Ringo Starr with a dove reminds me of my own collegiate days.
Decorating with album covers or cheap record store posters was common in the 60's and 70's.

Thursday, September 19, 2019


Thursday's theme will be men and boats.  This nudist photo shows a young man with an outboard motor probably built in the late 1950's.  How do I know that?  They put fins on everything back then.

This is one of those pictures that I personally don't like, and I can't tell you why, but I'm posting it anyway.  Some guy on tumblr sent me a nasty note when I said that about another photo, saying that I was being judgmental and trying to sway the taste of my viewers.  I told him it was my blog, and he could get his vintage nudity somewhere else if he didn't like my opinions. He didn't go away, fwiw.

Mr. Scumbeast gave me this one and called it "a sunny day just off Gozo."  He went on to lament that the chubby guy kept his clothes on.  Oh, how I miss that man.  RIP.

Not the best photo quality, but something for the fur lovers.

This guy is getting a bath while hanging his clothes on some convenient rigging.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Norman Tousley Day, Part 2 - Togged Tousley

Norm Tousley looked good even when he wasn't fully nude, so part 2 of today's series 
features five photos with some sort of cover.  This one is by Russ Warner.

Norm Tousley was well known in bodybuilding circles and appeared on a number of "legitimate" magazine covers.  I think this is another one from the Russ Warner dock shoot.

I don't know who took this somewhat unusual photo of Norm Tousley.

This color photo of Norm Tousley by Bob Delmonteque was used on the cover 
of Muscle Power magazine.  I used this version because of the cleaner photo quality.

Russ Warner broke out the oil for this studio photo of Norman.

Norman Tousley Day, Part 1 - Naked Norm

Norm Tousley is one of my favorite physique models.  An accomplished bodybuilder, he posed for several of the leading physique photographers in the early to mid-1950's.  This is one of a small group of photo I have of him to which no photographer is attributed.  Anybody know.

Derriere photos of Norm Tousley are rare, but I found this one by fellow 
bodybuilder Bob Delmonteque on a vintage photo sales website.

It was hard to choose just one David Martin photo of Norm, 
but the usual posing made this one stand out in a very high quality group.

Norm Tousley posed with the ocean and a sword for Denny Denfield,
a photographer known for his early and extensive use of color in the 1950's.

Russ Warner did a memorable photo shoot of Norm Tousley around an abandoned dock.