Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kovert of Hollywood

I recently read a believable article which said that there is good evidence that many of the male nude photos sold by Kovert of Hollywood were not actually taken by Fred Kovert.  It seems that many of them were made by a variety of photographers under Mr. Kovert's supevision.  That might account for some noteworthy variations of style and technical prowess among Kovert images.  We start our Kovert series with this shot of Jack Conant, a bodybuilder and model who apparently didn't mind having his photos pitched to gays.  He even had his family portrait (with wife) done by AMG.

Here we see square shouldered Tabby Anderson in a Kovert photo.

Leonard Chambers is best known for his modeling work with Bob Mizer of AMG and for being the subject of a courageous Mizer editorial in Physique Pictorial criticizing his 1956 killing by two LA cops. They shot him twice while he was handcuffed in the back seat of their car, and Mizer wrote a scathing account of it.  Except for the victim's race, it sounds familiar, doesn't it?
I only have two pictures of Mr. Chambers by Kovert of Hollywood, and this is the better, imho.

This photo of Pat Parris has a stock number and the model's name.
I have to wonder if that was originally by Fred Kovert or added by a reseller.

Fred Kovert's photo distribution business was so far on the down low 
that I was surprised to find this autographed photo of Dick Desmon on a reputable resale site.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Surfer Double Feature, Part 2 - Iconic Hawaii Tourist Posters

No, it's not Friday.  Part 2 of our surfing double feature showcases some iconic Hawaii tourist 
related posters, starting with a true legend and a great man, Duke Kahanamoku.
And don't worry, art lovers.  A full Friday art feature will appear here.

This 1913 Carnival poster is undoubtedly the oldest in today's series.

Yes, we really do get waves like that here in Hawaii . . . as well as white haired surfers.

I really love this one.  The dog wearing a lei, the line-up of three surfers, the partial view of an outrigger canoe, and the interisland seaplane flying over Diamond Head make it truly special.

The aircraft shown in this early 1950's poster is a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser.
It was very popular for the Hawaii run and had bar/smoking lounge on its lower deck.
They called it a "Clipper," but most of us think of iconic seaplanes when we see that term.

Surfer Double Feature, Part 1 - Nudes on the Beaches

Surfing is the theme for our Wednesday double feature.
Is this model's hair naturally curly, or is it one of those mid-70's perm jobs?

His hair style doesn't place him as a surfer, and is that manscaping I detect?
I'm not even sure this one is vintage.

This 1950's shot of model and actor Kip Behar features a classic wooden board.

The hair style on this fellow is classic surfer . . . and even appropriately wet.

The tan lines tell us this guy probably ditched his board shorts for this photo.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Hairy Guys with Towels

For Tuesday, we look at some hairy guys toweling off.

This is the best I could do with this category for my friends in the Bum Brigade.

Only the guy at left is particularly hairy, but both have considerable appeal.  And did he shower while wearing that watch with a wide leather band?  He doesn't even look slightly wet.

I have a suspicion that this is post-1975,
but the thematic appeal made me post it.
Edited to add:  Two comments say that this is Bruno,
something is should have easily have known, but didn't.

This model in the woods looks familiar, 
but I can't remember his name.
Edited to add:  In the comments, jsstrand says this is "Davy Dick."

Today's bonus shot is G-rated, but worth a look.