Monday, March 4, 2024

Lesser Known Photographers

Our theme today is photos by lesser known photographers,
 starting with this one of David Oakes by Antonio Arabia.



Avery Willard took the only photo in today's series with no models' names.
In case you didn't notice, those ornate lamp posts are cardboard cutouts.


Gary Bordman

This is Gary Bordman by James B. Hills from the late 1950s.


Kip (aka Sol) Behar

Kip Behar was still in high school and apparently calling
 himself "Sol" when he posed for Jack Sidney.


Richard Borkorum

See if you can guess whe Domenique chose Richard Borkorum as a model.


Art Ullrich

We're accustomed to seeing Art Ullrich with his low hangers well displayed,
but this photo by Your Model Service shows that he had another side.


Bob Jackson

This photo of Bob Jackson came to me with an attribution to someone called "Plato."  I've also seen it listed as by Pat Milo, and it looks like his style.  Did Mr. Milo ever use Plato as a marque?


Jim Smith

This is Jim Smith by Rip Searby.  He only seems tanned from the crotch down, but it works.
The more of Mr. Searby's work I see, the less I understand why he isn't better known.


Earl Brockell

Joe Weber took this impressive photo of a flexing Earl Brockell.


Mike Reilly

Mike Reilly really struts his stuff in this 1965 ACME photo by Al McDuffie.


Sunday, March 3, 2024

Men and their Cars

Men and their cars are the topic for the day, and we start with a nudist camper trying on a hat.



The belted swim suit and the car's grille both say 1940.


Mystery car

All I know about this one is that the itty bitty European car looks quite dead.
Why is only one guy pushing?  Is that all it took?


'56 Ford

The car here is a '56 Ford Fairlane.  I know because it was the first brand new car my Dad bought
 that I remember.  The man is wearing a swim suit that was probably quite risque' for the time.


Distant Bug

Our lone color shot of the day features a distant view of a VW Bug.
Fortunately, the view of the man is much closer.



Here's Bruno with a vintage pickup.  I think it was a Dodge.



My, oh my, what a friendly little group!  The knowing look from the second guy from left is telling.



The tiny little car makes me think this photo is European.



This guy is catching up by reading the Nudist News Views on the tail gate
 of his station wagon.  Looks like he brought along his camp stove and kettle.


This young man with a 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne 4-Door Sedan looks like a guy
 who modeled for Les Demi Dieux, but I don't think it's actually him.


Saturday, March 2, 2024

Strong Men (and a few wrestlers) Day

It's time for another group of late 19th and early 20th Century strong men and wrestlers.
We start with Georg Hackenschmidt, who's showing something through his trunks.



This is Karl Pospeschil, a successful Bohemian (now Czech) wrestler and strong man.
That strap he's wearing is quite interesting.


Locked eyes . . . and wrists

The last time I saw two men look at each other that way, they ended up going home together 
after a hard night of drinking in the bear section of The Eagle in Atlanta.


New Year Baby


This guy looks like he's wearing one of those drapey diapers they put on the New Years Baby.

Photo by Heid

I've posted photos by Hermann Heid of this late 19th C. bodybuilder before, but this 
"new" one is sort of special.  First, we can see the lines an artist drew to help with 
enlarging the image for a drawing or painting.  Second, a name is given, Schulz.
Also, he's the only Heid model I've come across who didn't pose nude.


A. Dandurand

This beautiful photo was labeled A. Dandurand.  Turns out that he was 
the first Canadian champion strong man, Arthur Dandurand.


Head lock

There was a lot of overlap between wrestling and strong man performance in the early 20th C.
The big guy here is Bakturov, but I can't make out the other.


Hmmmm . . .

Why does my gaydar go off when I look at this guy?



This is supposed to be Harry Houdini, but I don't see any 
ropes, chains, cages, locks, or steamer trunks anywhere.



Our last strong man is a guy from 1925 who looks like 
he got recruited from a brickyard to join the circus.