Monday, July 13, 2020

Guest Series #3 - Authors, Poets, and Playwrights by Larry K.

I'm very pleased to present our third Guest Series and the second from frequent contributor Larry K.
The theme is nude and semi-nude authors, poets, and playwrights.  Larry made things so easy for me that he even wrote all the captions, which are unedited.  Thanks for a great series, Larry!
You think taking naked selfies is a recent development?  This is playwright George Bernard Shaw taking a self-portrait in a mirror with his new camera in 1910.


  1. I always found ol' George to be a sexy guy.

  2. Jerry, il faudra que je t'envoie une photo de moi tout nu. Tu pourras la diffuser dans 40 ou 50 ans avec la légende: "un romancier Belge peu connu" (photographie rare spécialement réalisée pour ma collection privée) LOL
    Jerry, I'll have to send you a naked photo of me. You can broadcast it in 40 or 50 years with the legend: "a little-known Belgian novelist" (rare photograph specially made for my private collection) LOL

    1. You could become famous, one way or the other, lol!