Sunday, October 18, 2020

This one of several photos in today's series from Opus Deorum, a book published by Jim French in 1992.  It isn't clear when all the pictures in it were made, however.  Some of them clearly predate 1992 considerably, but some might have been recent to that time.  Either way, the work is excellent, and I'm not going to obsessively research each image just to peg them at 1975 or before.  These bikers manage to look both tough and endearing all at the same time.  My favorite of the day.



  1. Typically cliche interpretation of bikers in the 70's. Maybe it's his interpretation of what butch and gay should look like? Not his better work or particularly ground breaking. The smoking comes off as ridiculous as most gay men look like Bette Davis when they smoke. Nothing here seems realistic to me.

    1. I don't think realism was the intent, lol. Seems like it seldom is in that type of photography.

    2. The word is clone.