Friday, December 11, 2020

I've always enjoyed this photo of two Finnish 
soldiers enjoying a quiet moment by a lake.



  1. I like the Finns. They are remarkably un-hung-up about being naked. In a sauna in Helsinki, I taked to a bunch of men for hours (not actually IN the sauna itself) and nobody so much as wrapped a towel over his maleness. And believe me, there was sone nice meat swinging that afternoon.

    1. Well, I'm Lakota, so a more modern proverb would be that towels show your inner white man. (We do hide the glans by binding the foreskin forward during a sweat lodge or a few other times traditionally, but that's it. All other men's clothing was seen as more decorative.)

      Obviously the Russians (literally the only reason Finland joined the Axis) and other occupiers couldn't or didn't care to beat the nudity out of the Finns.

    2. The Russians ruled Finland from 1809-1918, and the Finns took advantage of the Revolution to gain independence. Their ability to keep that independence is an amazing story of courage and cleverness. And yes, they were not willing allies of the Nazis. In fact, they turned on the Germans in 1944 and effectively ran them out of all but a tiny bit of the country.