Friday, July 16, 2021

A. Wood Smith

This well-built fellow is A. Wood Smith, a dancer who posed for Drtikol in 1933.
I've tried to find out more about Smith with no success.  Google says he seems 
to be best known for having been photographed by the Drtikol.



  1. At least you slcan see the subject of the photo here. If you use your imagination, you could think of him as being on a steel beam on a skyscraper. Lol

    1. True, and I wonder if the angle was from tilting the camera or the "beam."

  2. The briefs seem painted on: sort of flat, and the pouch seems too big.

    1. Me again!,
      I repeated the pixel analysis I did for the Viennese Swimmers, the histogram width is 16 which is too wide for a flat painted one. There is a gray tones gradient around the bulge area which is not consistent with a painted brief.
      By the way I think that this is not a brief, but what it is called in ballet a "dance belt" which in like a (well) padded jockstrap with a butt-crack string in the back, so the dancer can show a smooth nice bulge without showing any cock or balls contours. Given the period of the photos and the fact that in the then Czechoslovakia was a huge textile industry, the material looks like a velvet-like one and not like the shiny elastic licra-like materials used now.

      One comment on a different topic: it is interesting to see how the ballet dancer's bulges started to appears only on the late sixties, before that all male dancers where bulge-less, check in YouTube "Kiss me Kate" and the original "West Side Story".
      There is not a single nice bulge to fantasize! And in the 40's the dancers were totally flat!
      I think that Nureyev was the one who put the bulge on stage (he had a mouthwatering cock) Do you have the nude Avedon photos of him?
      There is the talk of a never published full hardon one

    2. So it's not painted on! Those are interesting details you provided. Thanks!

    3. Yes, Nureyev did start the bulge trend in ballet.
      In ballet before that time men wore a modesty brief over the dance belt and under the tights. This covered the cleft of the buttocks.
      Nureyev refused to wear one when he started dancing in Leningrad,
      which in turn caused a bit of a scandal.
      -Rj in the IE