Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Nautical Military Tattoos

Today we look at some tattooed models who were probably sailors or Marines at some point.
We start with Wally Schillicut who sports a sailing ship on his left arm.  I wonder why men kept getting those tattoos decades after that type of vessel was pretty much relegated to novelty or museum status?
Having said that, most large navies keep at least one for "training" purposes as it were.



  1. Those tatts are great! The intricacies of doing a sailing ship must have been tough to do. And I wonder if I could lie still long enough to be tattooed like that. This male's nice looking.

    1. Most guys would be more concerned about the pain than the ability to stay still. And yes, I think those tall ships would be hard to do.

  2. "Schillicut oh Schillicut oh do you know Schillicut,
    Schillicut the king of tattoo?
    On his back is the Battle of Waterloo"... etc.

  3. My favourite in the series. I like the tattoos - I'm not usually a fan - and Wally is adorable!