Friday, December 10, 2021

Cornucopia of Colt Fetishes, Part 1 - Nude Photos

If you can think of a gay fetish, chances are Jim French of Colt did some pictures of it.  In today's double feature we will first look at some of his fetish photos followed by some art.  Sometimes we even get more than one concept at a time, as in this one with a biker and his minimal leather.



  1. I like the way the light runs across his groin, highlighting his maleness, but also his tan lines. The "tough guy" look is so apparent...

  2. I think he's WATCHING! Where are his pants? I knew I shouldn't have pulled into this parking lot, or maybe I should have! Seriously this is one serious looking leather man, perhaps the real thing. Cofident in his maleness and great lookin' too! French could find 'em! ...:)

    1. French was a genius at model recruitment, and he had the photographic skills to use that talent to the utmost.