Thursday, March 17, 2022

Mr. Paul Gerrior, aka Ledermeister

Paul Elroy Gerrior (1933-2021) was better known to his fans as Ledermeister.  An Army Veteran, he went on to work for Pacific Bell for 25 years, during which he modeled and acted in local theater groups.  His claim to fame was his work for Colt, and he remains popular even today.  Do a Google Images search, and you'll see him in a variety of settings.  He was one fine model.



  1. When I see pix of him, I still fantasize about spending a week in the sack with him, doing things that used to be illegal in all 50 states.

  2. Le mâle dans toute sa splendeur....
    The male in all his glory....

  3. He was also an actor, known for The Four Twenty-One (2009), Welcome to Dopeland (2011) and Strapped (2010), according to

    1. I knew he had acted in local theater, but was not aware of those movies. Thanks, Jim!