Saturday, August 5, 2023

Should have been on Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White had done a good job all these years, but they really should
 have considered Tex Murdock for the letter turner on Wheel of Fortune.



  1. This and the first shot are my faves. I never heard of this man. My loss.

    1. Not necessarily a household name, even in the circles we move in, B.D. I "discovered" him by accident a few years ago when I posted an unlabeled picture of him and someone named him in the comments.

    2. Where have you physique aficionados been ?
      Body beautiful Murdock was versatile, and in this pose, use to having guys on their knees.
      If he were on the Price is Right the game would never end !,
      though I could imagine him in a gay cable version.
      What happened to public access television ?, some of those shows were wild ! :)