Thursday, December 13, 2018

I have doubts about the vintage authenticity of this one, but it looks like one of the Western photographers such as WPG.


  1. That angle really captures this man in all his hairy, masculine glory. And it certainly emphasizes his... most prized asset.

  2. This fit and well muscled fur dad would be a pleasure to meet and greet. Great full knob inside his foreskin.

  3. This photo is from a book/calendar of nudes. (I do not have the book/calendar, nor recall the title). I have the model's name as George Lazoraitis (but am unsure of the spelling). The other models were: Gabriell Asturias, Dan Teglia, Erik Berglund, John Phillips, Larry Glenn, Gary Pettit & Ilias Sikianotis. I obtained them all c. Jan 2012. It's a shame I didn't keep track of the source.

  4. I've done a little more digging, and believe the photographer is Sherwin John Carlquist. The photos are likely from one of his books: 'Natural Man', 'Natural Manscapes', 'Man Naturally', 'Man/Nature' or 'The Natural Male'.

    1. Thanks! Makes me think it was fairly recent in origin.