Tuesday, January 15, 2019

U.S. Army Showers in World War II

It's World War II GI shower day on the blog, and I'm starting off with this attractive poster which was designed to encourage the boys to stay clean.  I think it may have encouraged 
a few other things, too, based on the homoerotic vibe.


  1. When I first saw that illustration, I thought it was cover art for a vintage erotic/porno novel. The fellows in the painting are rather brawny. I assumed that a lot of the young servicemen were skinny or lean, so maybe these muscular fellows are meant to convey a homoerotic vibe.

  2. Unlike today it was not that uncommon for communal showers (or commodes for that matter) were a daily part of military life. When I started 50 years ago there were !5 shower heard in a shower room no partitions, 10 commodes on one wall and a trough urinal along the other again with no partitions. At that time there were no coed basic training or female cadre in the male basic training companies. I can remember several occasions when the company was called out at 3 AM in our underwear into formation because someone had ticked off the drill sergeant. 45 minutes of PT later and we were released to shower and get ready for the normal day.