Thursday, February 3, 2022

Mr. Colt

Bruno had such a huge catalog and huge following 
that many considered him to be ultimate Colt model.



  1. Is the body glow lighting or development?

  2. BD he’s being back lit because of the uneven light shadow on his left shoulder. My vote for all time favorite/iconic Colt model is John Pruitt. I remember Bruno being referred to as a “Castro Street Clone “ back in the day. But then again, pretty much every guy had a “porn ‘stache” back then (but few had his build). I find it funny how Bruno’s images have survived time and become iconic/timeless but the jealousies/put downs haven’t.

    1. I know they called him that, but he was far from the typical run of the mill bar guy. As you say, that build set him apart, as did his lavish body hair.