Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Whatever happened to Paul Ferguson?

The past "whatever happened to" series that I've done have tended to focus on models who 
went on to be photographers, film makers, artists, fire fighters, and other respectable sorts.  
Well, given the background of some of these guys, it should come as no surprise that some s
tories didn't end well.  Today we'll look at Paul Ferguson, a man who modeled
 for Kris in 1964 at age 18 and then went on to . . . well other endeavors.
The photo above is by Kris but was published in AMG's Physique Pictorial.



  1. Thanks for an interesting series. I have a couple copies of Physique Pictorial and one of the things that surprised me when reading them was how frank Bob Mizer was that a lot of the models were just very bad people. He seemed to really hold a lot of them in contempt.

    1. Yes, Mizer had some unflattering things to say about quite a few of his models, many of whom were recruited from the ranks of street hustlers and petty criminals. There was a shift in the 1960s from bodybuilder types toward just about any sort of good looking guy who could be induced to pose nude.