Sunday, February 9, 2020

Whoever the photographer was, he used a double twist to the old model with a staff styling device.
First, he has Barton kneeling, and second, the staff goes behind the arm.  It works.
Disclosure:  In order to show off Mr. Horvath's amazing muscles, 
I electronically lightened this image, something I rarely do.


  1. This is great...that double twist makes Barton's bicep pop...

  2. There's nothing wrong with electronically adjusting the image. Given the state of some of the images you obtain, probably poorly scanned by amateurs from bad originals, it's justified. Besides, photographers adjust their images all the time, both in the darkroom and at the computer. It is wise to let your viewers know when you do it because you're not the original photographer.

    1. I agree. Unless you are really a purist, any adjustment that increases visibility and clarity is fine. So many poorly scanned or just dark originals out on the Web could be enhanced by lightening and increasing contrast. Some are pretty much beyond hope, but others hide an amazing clarity behind those dark, murky pixels.

    2. Thanks, guys! I do disclose when I use technical enhancement. Also, when downloading on line, one never knows if the image has already been enhanced. I've seen the same image in different places with dramatically different quality.

    3. A handsome man with a beautiful build - and yes, I also love them low hangers!