Sunday, December 9, 2018

Continuing with Solo Swimmers Sunday and some G-rated guys.  I’ve posted this one before, but its a personal favorite I want to go on tumblr one last time. 


  1. D'ya think the Olympics sued him for the tattoo?

  2. Un très bel homme, je me demande s'il est gay. En tout cas, je succomberais très vite devant une beauté pareille! En plus, c'est un homme bien poilu, comme je les aime. Dommage qu'il ne nous montre pas tout son corps magnifique. Il doit être beau devant et même de dos. J'imagine sa superbe paires de fesses bien poilues...
    Traduction from translator (sorry, i speaking just french)

    A very handsome man, I wonder if he is gay. In any case, I would succumb quickly to such beauty! Besides, he's a very hairy man, as I love them. Too bad he does not show us all his beautiful body. He must be handsome in front of and even behind. I imagine his beautiful pair of hairy buttocks ...