Monday, December 10, 2018

In deference to the numerous Europeans who followed me on tumblr and moved here with me, I am featuring the work of Gregor Arax today.  He was an Armenian who moved to Paris in 1922 and became an instructor of physical culture.  By 1936 he was photographing bodybuilders, and he remained active into the 1970's.  Arax' best known work was done between the end of World War II and the mid-1960's, and he did photo spreads in numerous bodybuilding magazines.  We start today with a photo of Bill Grant, an American model who also worked for AMG, 
Dave Martin, Pat Milo, and Bruce of LA.  Bill was quite a busy guy.  


  1. Back in the days before widespread steroid use, yes? Can you do a post regarding the changes over the years?

  2. J'adore les hommes avec un pubis très poilus et très drus comme sur cette photo !!!
    I love men with a pubis very hairy and very provided as in this picture!

    1. C'était la norme à l'époque . Maintenant les athlètes rasent ou épilent (ouch) la moindre pilosté . Dommage .

  3. Thanks so much Jerry ! Being European I really appreciate your kindness .

  4. I trust the various photographers tipped him appropriately!