Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It was illegal during Yato’s career to show a penis in Japan, and my source tells me that this photo was not published there, although it was privately shown.  This is a good example of a period during which Yato specialized in photos of Japanese body builders … and that squared off farm boy look.


  1. Not necessarily to show a penis. Nude boys or men in baths (as in not sexual at all) are occasionally present in anime and live-action film, even in this period. But erections (as in almost certainly sexual) are not present at all. So, context is everything.

    The "no penis rule" is just how weebs explain mosaics and lines over penises in pornographic anime and manga. But even there, anime and manga have gotten more puritanical in recent years. First in the 80s you had that serial killer who also drew manga. Then in the 90s, Evangelion. Just...Evangelion.

  2. Je suis alle au Japon en 1975. J'ai assiste a un salon qui exposait de l'art homoerotique en prive. Ils m'ont convaincu de faire des poses de musculation
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