Tuesday, December 11, 2018

This is Pernell Roberts, star of Bonanza and Trapper John, M.D.


  1. Damn, I love this image. I never knew he was so sexy. The next time I watch an episode of Bonanza in which he appears, I will be looking at him with new eyes. By the way, I wish he had not left Bonanza when he did. I really liked the three-son dynamic.

    1. I agree, Leroy! As a kid watching Bonanza there were a few (too few, actually) scenes where he took off his shirt and we got a glimpse of his very hairy chest. Roberts never admitted that leaving Bonanza was a bad career move, despite the fact that he never did anything with nearly the prestige or paycheck he was getting there. Word was that he didn't like the story lines he was given and didn't always get along with the other cast members.

  2. I always liked his black flat-brim hat. He was eclipsed by the faddish star power of Michael Landon & the kitch of Dan Blocker....