Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Doug Juleff, aka Douglas of Detroit, used some very effective lighting techniques in this photo of Keith Maynard.  We are fortunate to have this and other Doug Juleff photos because most of his prints and negatives were destroyed during a 1958 Detroit police raid in which his own
father assisted the cops.  Mr. Juleff was jailed and never took up photography again,
even when male nudes became legal in the USA in the late '60s.


  1. Every time you tell this story, it make me appreciate the efforts of these photographers/artists and models/subjects even more. It also reminds me to appreciate you for "Vintage Muscle Men." Thank you!

    Also, if I were a necromancer, I'd bring Doug's father back to life just to strangle him for assisting the cops in their persecution of his own child.

    1. Thanks, Leroy. I keep repeating this story because if just one more person learns the price paid for our freedom, it's worth it. Also, in view of the recent tumblr fiasco, it becomes even more pertinent.