Saturday, January 5, 2019

"Every recruit gets his junk grabbed.  No gloves."  
I have no idea exactly what he's doing, but it looks thorough and a bit scary.


  1. It is my understanding that back in the day the army inspected for a completely retractable foreskin - that was back in the day when it was still thought that foreskins caused assorted diseases - I know, makes no sense today

    1. It's not just that. Some STDs, many actuallly, leave lesions, warts, or other growths on the glans.

      But yeah, it's really difficult to tell the penetrance of circumcision among Army physicians. It really only caught in among the working class, and black people, in the post-war era, and peak circumcision was the 1980s. But before the Baby Boom, it was a sure sign of the WASP establishment, except of course among Jews.

      But circumcision still remained popular for doctors. Even as the rest of the Anglosphere (where it was just an elite thing at most) was tossing it on the "alternative medicine" pile after World War I, the US was just starting to really adapt it. And American doctors started consigning it to the same pile in the 60s and 70s, but it would only reach its peak just as Americans resurrected 1920s policy. Yeah, the 80s were one giant #TBT

  2. J'ai été à l'armée en 1978. C'est vrai que le médecin contrôlait tout. Je suis très grand (1,96M) ils ont tout mesuré chez moi, je me sentais comme un tas de viande, c'était pour des statistiques, mais je crois que les médecins avaient surtout envies de me tripoter les organes génitaux !

    I was in the army in 1978. It's true that the doctor controlled everything. I am very tall (1.96M) they measured everything at home, I felt like a pile of meat, it was for statistics, but I think that the doctors especially wanted to fiddle with the genitals