Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fort Sheridan was a large U.S. Army base on the northern edge of Chicago which processed over half a million World War II inductees.  Part of that process for some of the male soldiers was having their photo made nude from three different angles as part of an Army project to study different body types or somatotypes.  Today I am following up on a request from a former fellow tumblr blogger for a set of these photos.  We start with a guy who looks completely blase about it all.


  1. Hi, just curious if you know how many of these photos were taken or how many survived? I've never seen them for sale. Always curious about the history of such things. Love your site- thank you!

    1. I have about found about 40 of these photos after looking extensively on line. That doesn't mean there aren't more out there or in the Army archives, but those are all that seem to be in circulation. I have a larger collection (about 65) of similar photos taken at about the same time at the St. Mary's College Flight School in California in which the men are nearly all wearing jockstraps.