Monday, January 28, 2019

I've had this series of fake wrestling photos for many years, but I've never known who the models or the photographer are.  The guy on the right in the bottom photo looks like a model who worked for Jim French early in or just before he founded COLT.  Anyone know more?


  1. Quelle belle série de lutteurs nus!!! Il y en a certains qui commencent a être très excité quand on voit le début de leur érection!!! J'adore!!
    What a beautiful series of naked wrestlers !!! There are some who start to be very excited when we see the beginning of their erection! I just love it!!

  2. A superb series. I've done this for real...No erections as it was for an art group...but still very homoerotic..

  3. The guy on the right looks like leidermeister from colt movies

    1. I think that's who he is, too. I was doing research on COLT yesterday, and he showed up in the very early years.

  4. Yes! I agree that he is likely COLT's Leidermeister. I think he is in at least two of the other photos in this wonderful wrestling series too.