Saturday, January 12, 2019

Jean Ferrero was a French photographer based in the Riviera who specialized in outdoor 
photos of European models.  He was most active in the 1960's, and his work shows 
remarkable quality given the difficulties of controlling conditions in the wide open.  
Ferrero's pictures have been compared to the outdoor photos of American photographer 
Don Whitman of Western Photography Guild.  Hmmm . . . I need to do a series on him soon, 
but let's get our Ferrero set going with this one of Francois Rossi from 1961.


  1. Les hommes au pubis poilu ne sont plus de mode, mais il faut avouer que ces toisons intimes sont quand même très excitantes. Moi, j'adore ces hommes restés naturels...
    Men with hairy pubis are no longer fashionable, but we must admit that these intimate fleeces are still very exciting. Me, I love these men remained natural ...

    1. Moi de même et cela devient hélas rare
      Same here but alas it is becoming a rarity .