Sunday, January 13, 2019

Strong Man Sunday . . . all day!

As many of you who came over from tumblr already know, I have a thing for late 19th Century strong men and wrestlers.  So that will be our them for both of Sunday's sets.  We begin, as usual, with the nudes, and this one is from a French series shot in the exercise studio of Prof. Desbonnet by the professor himself.  In fact, I'm pretty sure all three of today's frontal nudes are from that group.  I believe this model is Brancaccio.


  1. Un bel exemple de virilite Italienne !
    Un bel'esempio de virilita Italiana !

  2. Souvenirs de ma jeunesse en tant qu'artiste modele. J'ai pose comme Brancaccio. Aussi de bons souvenirs d'un artiste plus age qui m'amait.

    Gentilhomme a Paris