Thursday, January 10, 2019

The young man at right in today's twofer from an unknown magazine looks entirely too satisfied with himself, but I can't begrudge his apparent happiness.  I have a strong Bob Mizer/AMG 
feeling about this photo, but it's just an off the cuff hunch.


  1. I suspect this photo was from a "Golden Boys" mag in the 5x8 format as it was one of the very few mags of it's kind to use page numbers - I have a similar pic with them in a slightly different position - no info on photographer , but I'm still searching files

  2. This photo slightly cropped is in a 5x8 mag called "Hawk 2" - there is also a solo pic of the blond posing with his knee on a wooden chair - the brunette is solo sitting on a wooden pedestal - unfortunately there is no publisher, date or any kind of identifying information and the models appear to be a mix of studios -

  3. In another 5x8 mag. "Paisano 2" which looks like a sister publication to "Hawk 2" there is a pic of the two of them seated on a wooden box or platform - the blond is also solo seated on the above wooden chair wearing a sailor hat - the brunette is solo leaning against a wooden pedestal- again , there is no identifying information but I recognize some of the other models as DSI, Richard Models and Can-am

  4. The brunette is on page 105 standing and page 61 seated in a 5x8 "illustrated novel" which is 124 pages approx half story and half full page photos - there is no date or publishing info but the pics all appear to me to be the DSI stable of models so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say your pic is by DSI - - I love a good mystery lol

    1. Thanks for the info. I will have to research my files and the internet for DSI material to see what else I can round up.

  5. could be (left) a young bo braden called woody and possibly a blonde called Dick????