Wednesday, January 30, 2019

This is Jack Thomas, Mr. America of 1956, who posed for a number of excellent Russ Warner photos, including some clothed shots for "legitimate" bodybuilding magazines.  In one memorable series, he and the not yet famous Jack Lalanne posed nude as a duo.  I featured some of that series on the old tumblr and probably will repeat it here at some point.


  1. Jack Thomas, one of my favourite physique models. Always so natural and unselfconscious when posing nude. Looking forward to seeing the famous nude duo with Lalanne. Could you please confirm how many images exist? Thanks.

    1. I have 13 photos of Lalanne and Thomas, or "the two Jacks" as I call them. I think that is a pretty comprehensive collection, but there could be more because I did not find them all in one place labeled as a full set.