Sunday, January 13, 2019

This twofer is unusual in two regards.  First, one guy is nude, and the other has a loincloth.  Second, both of them (but particularly the fellow at left) have developed their muscles in a much more modern style than one usually sees around 1900.  Otto Arco is at left, and I think the other model is Brancaccio, shown nude earlier in this series.  Also, note the coal heater at right.


  1. Indeed the guy on the left is showing a far less 'bulky' waist than was the fashion till the 1930s or so .

  2. Arco - Celebre culturiste physique
    Brancaccio - Uomo di bellezza fisica.
    Deux hommes du firmament europeen de la culture physique.
    Due uomini del firmamento europeo della cultura fisica.