Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Lou Zivkovich was a former Canadian League football player and not much of a celebrity until he appeared in Playgirl in July, 1974.  His appearance there caused him to be fired from his job as a physical education teacher at the high school in Apple Valley, California.  Lou took the school board all the way to the Court of Appeals and finally won his job back with and admonition from one of the judges that what he had done was not cause for termination, but "a mistake in judgement."  Later, he was known as a frequent escort of Mae West.


  1. And, it's STILL cause for trouble for MEN to pose naked; they see promising careers falter. The cable TV and the film industry seem to be trying to help by having more and more "frontal" nudity to prove that there should no difference in standards between the genders.

    1. Ah, the curse of the dreaded penis display lives on, albeit in reduced circumstances. It's as if the arbiters of what's OK or not OK to show decided that the sight of a pecker would bring on the immediate collapse of civilization. And it's not just in puritanical America, either. Muslim countries and even Japan have long had the same phobia.

  2. I read a comment from Lou that he was paid $5000 for his spread in Playgirl and he got a week in Hawaii to do the shoot. The trip was more of an incentive than the money.

    Regarding Japan's "phobia", the United States crafted the pornography laws and the ie resulting censorship loopholes while occupying Japan at the end of WWII. The "white panty" rules and the blurred imagery are the result of the laws the US forces enacted upon the Japanese during that era. They are being relaxed slowly. It will take another generation and a societal acceptance to realize how silly it is to maintain these standards and pixelation in lieu of high definition internet porn.