Thursday, February 21, 2019

My lamented friend, Mr. Scumbeast, wittily captioned this one "Long Shot."


  1. Je suis toujours en admiration de ces magnifiques pubis très touffus. On ne voit plus ça de nos jours...
    I'm still in love with these beautiful pubis very bushy. We do not see that anymore ...

  2. Alas, so true. The current "man-scaping" craze makes men look like old little boys, definitely unattractive.

    1. It's funny, I don't care either way on a man, but shaving a woman, not so much individually but as a trope in porn, kinda bothers me. Like, bush or shaved, a close-up of my dick is still obviously adult, shaving just makes it look longer, no different than a bodybuilder shaving his chest and abs. But in straight porn, it's used to make a woman look less than legal.

    2. Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy once compared a man's shaved pubic region to the last Christmas turkey hanging in a butcher's window.