Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Peter Lupus of Mission Impossible (the TV series) posed for Playgirl in 1974.


  1. Dans les années '70, j'achetais parfois playgirl, je me souviens très bien de ce numéro avec Peter Lupus. Il était très mal vu à l'époque qu'un garçon de 19 ans achète ce magazine d'hommes nus, J'avais dis au vendeur que c'était pour ma tante... Je ne saurais jamais s'il m'a cru... J'ai passé des heures à feuilleter ce magazine qui m'excitait très fort !!!
    In the 70s, I sometimes bought playgirl, I remember very well this issue with Peter Lupus. He was very frowned upon at the time that a 19-year-old boy bought this magazine of naked men, I told the seller that it was for my aunt ... I would never know if he told me Raw ... I spent hours flipping through this magazine that excited me very hard !!!

  2. Albert Sottiaux, I remember Playgirl too with great fondness. I was slightly younger than you, but Playgirl was an essential part of growing up and discovering myself.