Sunday, March 31, 2019

Bill Rex was photographed for this set at Sunshine Beach, a nudist colony in Florida that Walter Kundzicz bought an interest in.  It was a good investment, fun, and a great source of models.


  1. Owing to an anomaly in the censorship laws - and which was the same in Britain - strictly "nudist" magazines were allowed to be published under American federal law. This permitted full-frontal male and female images to be published when taken at bona fide registered naturist resorts. (The same obtained, oddly, for pictures of naked male swimmers in sports magazines and even newspapers, as for many men, particularly at YMCA pools, naked swimming was obligatory and costumes banned.)

    This anomaly in the law dated back to Victorian times, when male nudity at least, was, contrary perhaps to popular perceptions today, far from frowned on.

    The result was that many images of the Sunshine Beach Club survive in back editions of Health & Efficiency, a naturist magazine founded in 1900. Many straight men, on the periphery of the emerging market in gay erotica, were able to pose nude without social stigma - and could be named - although many gay models in Kundzicz's stable were photographed there. One of Kundzicz's most successful straight models, Darryl Powers, built an entire career at the Club, living with his wife and young daughter in a mobile home on the site, and was regularly featured in work-out routines, often partnered with other Kundzicz models who had been bussed in for the shoot.

    1. True. Bill Rex also appeared in nudist publications, sometimes with women.