Saturday, March 23, 2019

Q & A, Blogger Style

Q & A, Blogger Style

One of the (many) things I miss from my tumblr days is the "Ask Me Anything" button.  Blogger only has a contact form, and I have to cut and paste items to post them here, so it's not as easy.  I have decided, however, that it's really lazy of me not to post some of the interesting questions posed on the contact form, so I will start doing it from time to time.  Here we go:

Question from E.M. of Jackson, Mississippi: 

Last year on your old tumblr blog you put on an extensive series of posts about Thomas Eakins and his associates, but we have seen nothing of Eakins since then.  He was a fascinating character, not to mention being a fine artist and photographer.  Could we see some more of Eakins' work, please?

Answer from Jerry at VMM:

Yes!  Look for my version of "Eakins' Greatest Hits" in a week or two, probably as a double feature of R and G-rated material.  And at some point I will probably resurrect that essay type series from the tumblr files that I saved and republish the whole thing.  It will have to wait, though, for two reasons.  First, it hasn't been that long since the original.  Second, the format that tumblrs were saved in is not the easiest thing to search and edit in terms of continuity.  It can be done, but it will take some work.  Thanks for writing!


  1. Dear Jerry , we all miss the flexibility of Tumblr but that's life ...All the best , Jean