Sunday, March 17, 2019

Saint Patrick's Day, Part 1 - Nudes, all with names that start with O' this or O' that.

You can't have a name much more Irish than Pat O'Hara, so we start our St. Patrick's Day festival of Irishmen with a photo of him by Bruce of LA.  All of our nudes' names 
today will start with that quintessential Irish prefix, O'.


  1. What I see on many vintage photos, these are very black pubis and very thick. I know a lot of very hairy men and it is rare when we still see it today. Fashion is shaved pubis, but even those who do not shave no longer have this dark mark of masculinity. Do men lose their hair over time? Who agrees with me and who would have an explanation?
    Ce que je constate que sur beaucoup de photos vintage, ce sont ces pubis très noirs et très drus. Je connais beaucoup d'hommes très poilus et c'est rare quand on voit encore cela de nos jours. La mode est au pubis rasé, mais même ceux qui ne se rasent pas n'ont plus jamais cette marque foncée de virilité. Les hommes, perdent-ils leurs poils avec le temps ? Qui est d'accord avec moi et qui aurait une explication ?

    1. I don't know if the human male's hair patterns have changed, but today some men who do not shave do trim it back. So it may look like they have less hair, but do they really?

    2. Now fashionable pubic shave. I have never seen modern guys with unshaven pubis, they shave or trim at least once a year.

    3. On the old photos you can see that the guys never shaved under the arms and pubis. Аgrees with age - hair is lost.