Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sam O'Hara, aka "Freckles," is the second man of that surname in today's St. Patrick's Day series.
I do not have a photographer attribution for what I believe is a late 1960's magazine photo.
Edited to add:  Published by R.A. Enterprises according to jsstrand in the comments.


  1. My Sam O'Hara collection is all by R.A. Enterprises including an 8mm produced in conjunction with Grecian Guild Studios (published "Grecian Guild Quarterly" magazine)called "Auntie's African Paradise" - apparently there were several in the series starring one Brent Baxter in extremely campy drag as "Miss Glory Holden" - advertised in Trim magazine - advertising pics look like a very VERY campy take on Mae West and her bodybuilder entourage somewhere around 1960

    1. Thanks! I have been researching R.A. lately, and this one hasn't come up yet. Look for a series on this studio fairly soon.