Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Furry Unknowns

Today we have some nice furry models whom I can't identify. 
We start with a fellow in an interesting pose on a platform.
Edited to add:  My friend Boz sent an email letting us know that this is Rudy Burke, a Colt model.  Thanks!


  1. Cher Jerry,
    Tu sais combien j'aime les hommes virils et poilus, cette série m'enchante. Je ne comprend pas pourquoi la mode d'aujourd'hui qui est aux hommes imberbes. Ces toisons sont si agréables à caresser. Que celui qui n'a jamais eu et apprécié un homme poilu dans son lit, me jette la première pierre!!! ;-)
    Dear Jerry,
    You know how much I like men virile and hairy, this series enchants me. I do not understand why today's fashion is to beardless men. These fleeces are so nice to caress. That who has never had and enjoyed a hairy man in bed, throws me the first stone! ;-)

  2. A night in bed with him would really get me stoked.