Friday, April 19, 2019

Henry Scott Tuke Day, Part 1 - the Photographs

This is Henry Scott Tuke (1858-1929), an English Impressionist painter whose best known work generally featured nude and semi-nude teenage male models in the Cornwall coastal landscape.  You can learn more about him at this Wikipedia link:
Generally considered to be gay, documentation of that important element of his life is limited because his sister destroyed the bulk of his personal letters and documents when he died.  Apparently, she did that in either an effort to protect his reputation or in a residual fit of Victorian morality.  We start with his photographs, some of which were no doubt studies for paintings.  Before you think I'm doing a "day of the derriere," understand that he never seemed to photograph his subjects frontally nude.


  1. I wonder how the cost of photographic supplies compared to the cost of painting supplies. He managed to do both!

    1. Apparently he could afford it. His paintings sold well during his lifetime, and he was by no means a starving artist.