Friday, April 26, 2019

Japan Day, Part 2 - The Art of Goh Mishima

Goh Mishima, aka Tsuyoshi Yoshida (1924-1988) was a gay Japanese erotic artist.  Upon being drafted into the army in 1942, he had a torrid ongoing love affair with his commanding officer.  (Sounds like our kind of guy.)  In post-war Tokyo he became heavily involved in gay night life and became fascinated with yakuza gangsters' flat top hair styles and tattoos.  Mishima's developing art featured bondage, sado-masochism, hypermasculinity, and fundoshi traditional underwear.  He published in gay magazines as early as 1964, a time when it was illegal to depict a penis in Japan.  So it's Goh Mishima day, and in our first piece, we see tattoos, ropes, and a peek of pecker.  Nice.

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