Saturday, April 20, 2019

Most of my photos of Sig Ulmanis are attributed to Kris Studio, but not this one.
Edited to add:  See the interesting notes below from jsstrand who verifies that this is a Kris photo.


  1. Sig has been a favorite of mine since those early Kris photos - I looked through my collection and only find Kris credited - however, some of the shots of him in overly tight pants showing a prominent bulge are very reminiscent of the work of British studios Royale and Scott of London who seemed to specialize in the tightly packed pants bulge - I hope Sig has had a happy life and that he might know how much pleasure he gave many of us over the years

  2. Ooops - almost forgot - I think you can attribute this photo to Kris - I have two Kris photos of him from magazines on the same "hairpin legs" bench in a posing strap - likely beginning of the session before he went totally frontal - the strap photo could have been to satisfy magazine restrictions of the time - also have another Kris pic of Walt Needham on the same bench -

  3. I can confirm. This is a Kris photo.