Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday Night Baths

The other day I was talking to my cousin who grew up in the country with me in Texas.  We remembered the people who only took a bath on Saturday night, so that provoked today's theme, the Baths, as in gay bath houses.  We start with some serious flirting in the shower.


  1. Hi Jerry , some awful statistics showed recently that a majority of Belgians did content themselves with only one shower per Week (at least for the capital city Brussels) . Somehow , we are back to early 20th century ???

    1. Hélas, il n'y a pas qu'à Bruxelles qu'il y a des gens sales... Et cela de tout temps
      Alas, it is not only in Brussels that there are dirty people ... And that always

  2. Voilà une série qui m'enchante! Cette photo particulièrement où on voit enfin une belle raie du cul bien poilue comme je les aime!!! Merci Jery et j'espère que tu passeras beaucoup plus souvent ce genre de photos de mec viril avec de beaux derrières poilus!
    Here is a series that enchants me! This picture particularly where we finally see a beautiful hairy ass line as I love them! Jery thank you and I hope you will spend much more often this kind of pictures of virile guy with beautiful hairy rear!

  3. Albert Sottiaux, the more I read your comments the more we have in common. But then who doesn't love a beautiful hairy rear?