Sunday, April 21, 2019

This minor league baseball player had a dog who liked to shower with him.  
I think they are both quite handsome.  From the LIFE Archive.


  1. No way I could have the Jack Russel I had many years ago to share a shower with me !I probably would have needed to redecorate the whole bathroom !

  2. Mon petit chien ( Lady un Yorkshire de 3 kilos ) a horreur de l'eau. J'ai un jour pris un bain (dans une baignoire) avec elle. Curieusement, elle a été beaucoup moins nerveuse et a apprécié ce moment de partage. Être avec son maître nu dans l'eau a provoqué, je pense, un sentiment de sécurité, d'égalité et peut-être même de sensualité...
    My little dog ( Lady a Yorkshire of 3 kilos) hates water. I once took a bath (in a bath) with her. Curiously, she was much less nervous and enjoyed this moment of sharing. Being with his master naked in the water has caused, I think, a feeling of security, equality and perhaps even sensuality ...

  3. I have seen a number of naked ballplayers with the photo credit of the LIFE archive. Did nude photos appear in the pages of LIFE magazine?

    1. Unfortunately, no. Cropped versions were used in the actual magazines, but the archived uncropped versions have the LIFE watermark, giving the impression that they were published that way.

  4. I always find it amazing that LIFE could publish photos like this, yet society decided that the male body was too lewd and indecent for such openness.