Friday, May 31, 2019

I strongly suspect that this one is not pre-1975 vintage, but I couldn't resist its charm.
Edited to add:  These guys are Bruno and Toby from a COLT film.  See comments below.


  1. I have seen it on other blogs as well and am wondering if it is not Cuban Bid Daddy Bruno on the right ? I am probably wrong ?

  2. Je suppose que dans les secondes qui suivent, l'homme de gauche sur la photo va goûter à une pénétration du doigt de son amant! Comme j'aimerais être à sa place... Je m'imagine aux côtés de cet homme poilu et entreprenant face à l'immensité de l'océan. Une vague qui me ferait vibrer de plaisir...
    I guess in the next few seconds, the man on the left in the photo will taste a penetration of the finger of his lover! How I would like to be in his place ... I imagine myself alongside this hairy and enterprising man facing the immensity of the ocean. A wave that would make me vibrate with pleasure ...

  3. I also think this is Bruno on the right - if it's from a Colt film called "Bruno's World" the other fella is Toby - probably released before 1975

    1. If I may say so , you are a true encyclopedia of gay vintage ! Congratulations .