Wednesday, June 12, 2019

AMG comes to mind as a source for this photo, but I have no notes on it.


  1. Je ne sais pas ce que cet homme a essayé de faire, mais à mon avis il a tenté de se raser le pubis et ensuite, il a changé d'avis LOLLLL
    I do not know what this man tried to do, but in my opinion he tried to shave the pubis and then he changed his mind LOLLLL

  2. That's Bob Penn - in other photos he does appear to have a naturally lighter Bush on the left side - he was in the male nudist mags of the 60s which likely means AMG was the photographer -

  3. Auto correct capitalized Bush lol

  4. Just ran across a pic of Bob Penn in the
    famous and well-used AMG shower so he definitely was in the AMG model roster