Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Jacques Lalaing's Handsome Model

Today I am featuring some photos of an amazing model who worked for Anglo-Belgian sculptor Jacques Lalaing in the 1880's.  I have a couple dozen photos of this handsome man, but today I'm posting some really difficult poses that I think would be hard to hold.  That may be why so many photos were taken . . . Lalaing could have used them to spare the models hours of difficult work.  We start with some ropes and pulleys that probably didn't help much, if at all.


  1. Excellent, very many thanks for posting this. They are quite rare. I'm interested in attempting poses like this. I can see the right arm and hand support is on adjustable rope. Not sure what seems to be a metal rod running from this to the left apart from keeping the right arm in position. I'd want the right foot supported in some sort of padded loop. He would need to transmit some of his body weight onto the right arm, otherwise the weight on the left foot would become too much. I'll update when I do it. David

    1. My pleasure to post these. I enjoy your comments and perspective.

    2. Thank you. Life modelling is certainly challenging, setting the pose, having the stamina to stay in the same position for up to an hour without a break, getting cold. But always so rewarding...knowing you have acted as the raw material for a work of art.

  2. Pas possible, ce devait encore être un sculpteur Belge pour faire prendre des poses aussi compliquées!!! :-)
    Not possible, it should still be a Belgian sculptor to take poses as complicated !!! :-)