Friday, July 12, 2019

George Quaintance Day, Part 2 - Erotic Art

During his lifetime, George Quaintance could not do what he really wished, which was to publish fully nude paintings and drawings.  The work he was able to publish is quite erotic despite this limitation.  A method he used to add authenticity to the semi-nude work he did was to do a fully nude study version, and then copy it as a final and complete painting in which he would paint over the genitals at the last moment.  Here we can see an example in "Island Boy."


  1. I had no idea that he also did sculpture - back in the early 70's I bought some very inexpensive plaster figures from a small shop that sold all kinds of supplies, molds and "green" plaster items for ceramics hobbyists - I bought a "David", the wrestlers, a "Zeus" and several others including a seated shirtless figure barefoot in jeans - I eventually gilded several of them with 24k gold leaf which came out quite well - it is only about 10 years ago that I discovered the seated figure was actually a Quaintance sculpture - of course the ceramics shop is long gone and I have no idea where my plaster originated- mine is about 8" tall and looks like this one in the link: