Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Nudist Royalty

I've commented in the past on the pioneering use of male nudes in nudist magazines.  Not only did they show male frontal nudity, but they also had beauty contests that included male contestants.  So today I will feature some crowned kings of nudism, starting with a middle aged division winner.


  1. I seem to recall a Royal Court thing happening in San Francisco many years ago that raised money for charity. Each year a new person was crowned as King. Could that be the case here with these guys?

    1. Could be. They had these things in more than one location, though, based on the background clues in my photos of this type.

    2. I think the idea spread through the gay communities and was picked up in other cities. Though, I have to admit, I never read anything about nude photos of the guys who had been crowned.