Saturday, July 27, 2019

Solitary Nude Soldiers

Most of my collection of military nudes consists of groups of men, sometimes large groups.  Today I am featuring some military men who seem to have ditched their kit solo.  We start with one that I think might be Vietnam Era, but the medallion doesn't look like a standard dogtag . . .
unless it it covering up the dogtag . . . or he's Australian.  Anybody know?
Edited to add:  See comments for some dog tag discussion.


  1. The camo looks like standard US from WW2. The helmet looks US WW2 also. The dog tags were round then, so it could be an American in the South Pacific theater.

    1. I did some research, and there were two types of WWII dog tags. Navy and Marine Corps tags were roundish like this, but Army were the more recognized elongated type. So maybe this was a WWII Marine.