Friday, August 23, 2019

Egon Posselt is an Austrian artist who painted Crouching Boy in 1975-76.


  1. An interesting example of a male nude painting. Part of posing always involves, but it is never stated.. where the models genitals will end up. Most standing poses fine, seated best for them to be hanging freely to create a aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Once crouching gravity takes over, they become like a plumb bob, always hanging down, not perhaps in the most artistically pleasing position. In addition the pose may expose "structures" between the model's buttocks. Should these be drawn? I did a series of poses last year which included one very similar to the pose in the painting. One artist had a "full view"...he draw what he saw...afterwards he apologised, should he have done that? silly really, I don't mind, just another part of my body..

    1. Well, some portrait artists are known for showing their subjects as they would like to be and not as they actually are.