Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I posted a different photo of a youthful looking Bill Grant in an earlier Arax series, 
and this one appears to be from the same session.  In between, I have been trying without
success to research how Bill, an American who is well known to have worked for 
Bruce of LA, AMG, Dave Martin, and Pat Milo, came to pose for the Paris based Arax.  
Did Bill go to Paris or did Gregor Arax visit the USA?  Anybody know?


  1. Hello Jerry , I believe Arax at some point visited the USA since I have seen (few) US models posing for him and I am convinced they did not travel to Europe . Cheers .

  2. Wow, wonderful pose. The placing of Bill's Arms and legs is excellent, very naturalistic. Also he somehow looks like he knows how to use that sword. Inspiring...

    1. The posing process had to be immensely varied. I can imagine some models just walking in front of the camera and getting it right, while others probably had to be coached or physically placed in every detail.