Sunday, August 11, 2019

Jim French/Colt Nude Polaroids

It's a well known fact that Jim French, the genius behind Colt Studio, used Polaroids early in his career in the period 1968-1970.  Some of these were used as studies for his drawings, and it was also a way to avoid difficulties with photo developing labs.  So for our R-rated series I am featuring some of Jim French's photos of duos that are generally thought to be Polaroids.  This one looks a little too crisp to be an instant photo, but it came from a reliable source labeled as such.

1 comment:

  1. Très belle photo. Sensualité, érotisme et un peu de perversion émane de cette pose...Domination ou envie de faire durer un plaisir qui aboutira sans aucun doute?
    Very beautiful photo. Sensuality, eroticism and a bit of perversion emanate from this pose ... Domination or desire to prolong a pleasure that will lead without a doubt?